Replenishing Discipline

Self-discipline need not be harsh to be powerful and replenishing.

Your habits can flow and mix, intermingle and recombine, to suit you, just as you are.

Only a few rules of life are all that are needed to generate the most robust complexity.

So rechart your course, adjust your sails, feel the wind swell as the week begins, and your bow cuts a story through glassy waters.

Enjoy the journey!

Diary of Discoveries – Vladimir Kush

Whispering through Eons

The scriptures appeal to us out of the depths of history. They are the eternal voice of God whispering through eons.

The church whose appeal rests on modern ideas, marketed to a modern culture, finds itself shouting neon ravings above the tumult of a secular world, drowning out the soft, rich, and everlasting graces of Our Saviour. The Church is increasingly at risk of assimilation into the maddening crowd. That is, unless we shut the door to the clamour, make space for Christ, and sit in that resonant silence, listening for the whisper of God, reverberating through the ages, coming and going, nurturing and drawing out the desire for eternal rest in Him, which He planted in us.

Christ is most ancient, most true, but a church whose appeal rests on modern ideas is mere straw.

Silverstream Priory Benedictine Monks