The anti-Gospel of Death

The anti-Gospel of Death

Christians cannot support assisted suicide or abortion.

They are fundamentally contrary to the Gospel. While Gospel is Life, and they… are Death.

If you are told otherwise, you are being led astray, no matter how well-intentioned the speaker or preacher is. If you already believe otherwise, you already have been led astray, and I urge you to reconsider and turn back to Him through whom life came into the world.

Suffering and death can never be the solution to themselves.

If our culture is formed such that the fear of suffering and death drives our ‘choices’, then death has already been decided as the ‘solution’ to our most difficult problems. Death ordains death.

Those who offer to solve our deepest existential and spiritually consequential problems by encouraging you to actively take the life of another are offering false compassion and operate in opposition to Christ, no matter how fully they have convinced themselves otherwise.

Those who have listened to and heard the Gospel know that death is neither the end nor the solution. The only, most beautiful, and fulfilling solution is the acceptance of life, which came into the world through Christ, the only Son of God.

Death already attempted the solution of crucifying Life. Who arose victoriously?

There are only two ways: Life and Death. One is a mirage, the other is flesh and blood.

To whom do you turn?

I turn to Christ.

Mary Magdalene faced Death by turning to Christ.

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