The Fight

Intensity rages, confused chaos looms,
Are we mad enough?
Are we sad enough?
Silence slams the door as she leaves
To fend off our pain, through the tears, through the screams.

Violence surges on into the night,
Lightning flashes and gas burns our eyes!
Afront God’s own house, take your picture before us!
You’ve fallen and still,
We run from the Lawless.

Acid, turbulence.
War, never-ending.
Pray, turn to Christ
Let the Devil not rise,
With his mask and baton,
See through him and find
The man down there trapped
Just like us, in his pride.

Warlord by nature
The fault of the Fall
Though not by Design,
lest conspiracy call.
Burst forth, Lord, from darkness,
Awake from the night!
Light up the world
With Love; your true might.

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